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Meg Aul

Meg Aul is a communication enthusiast, using every opportunity to learn new ways of connecting with entrepreneurs and building long lasting relationships. In her spare time she likes to travel around Portland taking photographs and practicing ukulele.
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5 Easy Tweaks to Streamline Your Small Business Operations

Posted by Meg Aul to Taxes, Accounting, Business Advice

I recently spoke with an entrepreneur about his information security company to see if inDinero would be a good fit for handling his accounting and taxes. He was clearly feeling the pain of managing his back office on his own, but after a few minutes, I realized that these tasks were just a drop in his bucket.

We have a great product and we’re getting more and more customers,” he told me. “But running the business isn’t getting any easier. Actually, the more customers we get, the less I’m able to focus on my product and my employees.”