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Entreocracy in Action: Empowering inDinero Employees

Posted by Dayna Del Mar to Inside inDinero, Taxes, Accounting


Brent McKee, CPA, discusses Entreocracy and working at inDinero with Dayna Del Mar
One of our stand-out CPAs, Brent McKee, talks Entreocracy and inDinero with Dayna.

This post originally appeared in slightly different form on my LinkedIn profile.

Last month I found myself in my final interview with Jessica Mah, the CEO of Portland's newest tech company, inDinero. This was no ordinary interview. Resume and portfolio, my list of questions...all the traditional interview stuff left beside the yoga ball in the office to never be glanced at again.

Luckily, I had followed the recruiter's advice: "Dress casual, we aren't a fancy office. Oh, and wear comfortable shoes. You will probably go on a walk with Jess."

I had also done my research, read every article, knew the company in and out; both the recruiter and website confirmed it was a casual office, the fun collaborative space you’d expect to find. From my last years of agency recruiting, “dress to impress” was deeply embedded in me, so I couldn’t help but overthink my outfit over and over. But it was three miles later, in a pair of riding boots, blue jeans, a blouse and a blazer, with nothing in hand but a water bottle, that I became the newest addition to inDinero’s team!

Fast forward a month and inDinero is turning the financial services industry on its head! inDinero has grown from a humble startup to a powerhouse team of 140 employees globally, with offices in San Francisco, Portland, New York, and the Philippines. We are a bunch of passionate entrepreneurs whose goal is to help the entrepreneurs of the world with their accounting and taxes so that they can stay focused on driving their companies to success. We couple our own proprietary accounting software with an in-house team of accounting and tax experts to deliver automated accounting with a highly personalized touch. Our wheelhouse clients are are service and tech companies, and they love working with us because we are anything but a traditional accounting firm.

Thanks to Jessica Mah and co-founder Andy Su, the career path for wildly talented (and fun!) CPAs has changed.

Entreocracy at inDinero

Not only are we changing the way that companies handle their finances, we are refining the art of operating in a cross-functional, collaborative work environment through Entreocracy, an organizational system that empowers our A+ quality intelligent people to bring their talents and ideas to the table so that we can continuously find new ways to dazzle our clients. With our team growing at rate of 2,685.6% and the recent addition of our highly motivated sales research team driving heaps of leads into our system, we need more talented people to join our Entreocracy, specifically Accountants Extraordinaire. They are the catalyst for our clients' success.

“Let’s start a mediocre company and make some money,” said no one ever. Our clients are pushing the limits every day, they are innovative, they are inspired, and they are some of the most interesting people you could meet.

I understand that breaking outside of a traditional career path can be overwhelming; it’s uncharted, it’s unpredictable...but it’s also ridiculously exciting. So I thought that an honest interview with one of our amazing accountants, Brent McKee, would be really helpful to address a few of the questions you might have about what it’s like to be a part of our Accounting team!

Watch the video or read the transcription below.


Dayna: Hi! My name is Dayna Del Mar and I am the Talent Acquisition Specialist with inDinero. Today I wanted to talk a little bit about what it’s like to be a part of our Accounting team. I’m sure that most of your Accounting Professionals and Students out there never thought about what it would be like to work for a company like us - once a tech start up, and now a company of 140 employees and growing globally. So, I thought it would be really helpful to hear about what it’s like to work here. That said, I would love to introduce Brent McKee; he is our Enterprise Accounting Manager and has been with the company since July of 2015. Brent, tell me a little bit about your background prior to working at inDinero.

Brent: Sure, so I got my accounting degree in Eugene, graduated in 2011. Worked in private industry at Levi Strauss. FInally took a job in Eugene at a small public accounting firm, worked there for about 2 years. Moved to Portland, worked at “Big Four” accounting firm for about 2 years as well. Then the opportunity came up at inDinero and I haven’t looked back since!

Dayna: Awesome! So I’m curious, what initially sparked your interest in working here?

Brent: Yea, so I had spent a fair amount of time in public accounting and was looking to explore other options. A lot of the options that are out there are in industries as a Senior Accountant doing reconciliations over simple similiar things every single month. inDinero was an opportunity for me to have a high level position where I could look into financial statements from the top down and also have a chance to work directly with clients, something for me that was really important. Obviously to make the move out of public accounting something has to really catch your attention and get your excited. By talking with the people at inDinero, I really felt that excitement and it was something that I wanted to be a part of, so I definitely jumped at the opportunity and haven’t looked back since!

Dayna: Well exciting yes, but I am sure that taking a little bit of a stray from the traditional accounting path, you had some hesitations, some fears; so I am curious, are you open to sharing some of that with us?

Brent: Definitely. So obviously in public accounting, as some of you may know, or may have learned through recruiting or at school, it’s very structured, right. So you get promoted on a certain time, you make manager after a certain amount of years, you make senior manager after a certain amount of years. That’s great, but for me, I had to break that chain, that train of thought that you are going to be in this structure. I had to analyze what I was going to get into at inDinero, the opportunity that was there for me. It’s a little, it’s scary, obviously, jumping off the structure path, but at inDinero there is so much room for growth. Things move so fast. It’s an exciting place to be and I have been really happy with the decision.

Dayna: What has been your biggest win so far?

Brent: We have wins, obviously. Every single day. Daily wins! For me, so far, the biggest win has been getting to work with a huge amount of different clients, a variety of clients in different industries. I get to have a direct relationship with them. I get to provide them with items that are tangible, that they can see, that we have provided them with a good work product. That, to me, is something that is great; I really, really enjoy that! I get to work with bright people. These people running the companies are intellectual and well educated. We, as inDinero, as a team, can help take these bright people to the next level. So, for me, those are things that I really, really enjoy on a day to day basis about working here.

Dayna: Now, I know that there is no such things as typical day, but how would you describe a day in the life?

Brent: As you say, there is never really a typical day. For me, I spend a lot of time communicating with clients. For me, like I said, that is something that is really important for me and something I take a lot of pride in… getting on the phone, answering a question for a client, helping them out with something they don’t understand and putting accounting into plain English for them to be able to understand it and be able to say, “Hey! This could help my company in the future!” That is something that I do every single day, and it’s fun to do that every day. Obviously, it’s a fun environment to be in. We work closely in teams. I have a specific team I work on and we also have other teams built throughout the office. Lots of different people that I can bounce questions off of. If I don’t know the answer to something, I can talk to somebody else, they can give me the answer and then I can go back to the client and get them the answer they are looking for, which in turn, takes them to this next level. So, that’s all great. Obviously, there is time for the ping pong break every once in a while… We play music; there is “Soul Fridays” here. It’s all a very exciting environment to be a part of and I think it helps foster working hard, having fun, being collaborative and really just building a strong, successful product.

Dayna: Excellent! Well, what types of opportunities do you see in your future for professional growth with inDinero? We are kind of different than everything that is out there right now.

Brent: LIke I mentioned, it’s new, it’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s change. I can bring my own thoughts to this company. The company, it’s growing very quickly. Even since I have started - employee wise, client wise, everything is growing. And with that growth, I can bring ideas to the company and help it to get bigger. It’s something that really makes me feel good, that I can make a difference for this company. With the accelerated growth, who knows, we could be working with the next Facebook or LinkedIn. Who knows! The only way to know is by working with them. Really, the sky's the limit here. It’s so, so, so different than the structured career path at a Big Four accounting firm. Who knows, we could be the next Facebook or LinkedIn? You never know! I have been inside the company and have seen the foundation that we are building and it’s something that I am really, really excited to be a part of.

Dayna: Wow, well thank you so much! There you have it folks! The one and only, Brent McKee!

If you are interested in opportunities working with inDinero, check out our careers site. If you are an accounting professional and on the fence, have some questions, maybe you just want to have an exploratory conversation, I would love to speak with you. Feel free to email me at dayna.delmar[at] If you want to learn more about Entreocracy, download Jessica Mah's Entreocracy Manifesto!

Download The Entreocracy Manifesto by Jessica Mah, CEO of inDinero

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