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Making Partial Payments with inDinero Bill Pay

Posted by Jenna Meyer to inDinero Academy, Accounting, inDinero Product Updates

Cover Photo: Split up your business's bill payments using inDinero as your accounting software


I don’t know about you, but I’ve always found that watching the money coming into my bank account is much more fun than paying it out. While we haven’t found the secret sauce to not spending money—expenses are a fact of life—we have built a software and service that lets you pay bills effortlessly, and the new Partial Bill Payment feature adds a much-needed level of flexibility to that process.

You can now use inDinero’s Bill Pay tool to pay some, but not all, of a bill. So the next time you need to split an unexpectedly large invoice into monthly installments, you can. And when you have to pay a freelancer half up front and half when the job is done, it’s quick and easy.


How to Use inDinero to Pay Part of a Bill

Step 1: From your Dashboard, select Bills List from the left menu bar.

Manage and pay some or all of your business's bills using inDinero's accounting software

Step 2: Select the bill you wish to pay and click the Pay Bill button.

Step 3: In the Enter Payment box, you can now split the bill payment by overriding the pre-populated amount due. For example, if you have a PNW Water bill for $50.55, choose the payment method then highlight the amount due and type your partial payment of $25.



Step 4: Quickly identify partially paid bills in the Bills List. For example, in the Status column, the PNW Water bill is listed as Partial and will stay this way until fully paid.

Pay your water bill in installments using inDinero's bill pay feature

Step 5: Once you’ve entered a partial payment on a bill, only the remaining balance will be visible in the Amount Owed column. You can now hover over the remaining balance to view the original amount owed.

Once you make a partial payment using inDinero you can hover over your bill to see the remaining balance your business owes

A new Payment History section has been added to Bills List, Enter payment form and Bill view for you to quickly view partial payments.

View your payment history to see which bills you've paid or partially paid using inDinero

Do you have thoughts or questions about paying partial bills with inDinero? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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