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September 22, 2017by Celene Robert0

ShearShare Plans for Growth with inDinero as Their Mobile App Gains Traction in the Beauty Industry and Startup Community

We’ve come a very long way since IBM released the first smartphone to the public market in 1993. Today, we can do almost anything we need to socially and professionally using an app on our phones. Until 2016, the beauty industry was one of the last spaces left that had not yet been disrupted by a mobile revolution.


Enter ShearShare:

ShearShare was started by Courtney and Tye Caldwell, a married couple from Texas, who both had backgrounds running business organizations as a digital marketing executive and salon owner, respectively. Together they put their experiences into building ShearShare to be a social sharing platform stylists and salon owners both can use to increase business. The idea immediately took off across the country and globe, reaching hundreds of salons which is when inDinero entered the picture.

To hear the whole story and what’s next for ShearShare, flip through their story in the SlideShare below, or download a copy to read on the go:


by Celene Robert

Content producer by day, movie guru by night, Celene Robert is a PNW native and proud owner of eight pairs of Birkenstocks. She's passionate about giving inDinero customers a voice and enabling the dreams of innovative entrepreneurs.

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