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Answers to Your 4 Decisive Questions About Merchant Cash Advances

Posted by Katie Alteri to Funding

Business owners often find themselves in hot pursuit of working capital for their organization. While there are many ways to go about this, one option that does not get covered quite as often are merchant cash advances. They can be a beneficial type of additional capital to pursue, especially if your business makes the majority of its sales through credit cards. With this form of working capital, a lender will essentially pay you a lump sum upfront. In return, the lender receives a portion of each sales transaction made using a credit or debit card directly from the credit processor until the amount is paid back.

How Fintech Has Opened the Doors for Small Business Funding

Posted by Jess Harris to Funding, Industry News

The prevalence and capabilities of technology have made it possible for even a 2-year-old to benefit from these innovations, but, as progress continues forward at a rapid pace, these children will one day consider our highest tech antiquated. We are in the midst of a revolution. This revolution doesn’t necessarily have to do with politics or governments either, but rather with the way business is conducted worldwide. Technology has had a tremendous effect on all aspects of our lives.  We are now more connected to the world than ever believed possible in the past. It may be hard to believe, but we are still in the infancy of technological change.

How to use working capital to your industry's advantage

Posted by Katie Alteri to Funding, Business Advice

Let’s be real – who doesn’t want to have more money available to run their small business? If you’re a small business owner, it is likely that you can think of numerous ways that your company may benefit from having additional working capital. In addition to providing peace of mind, this cushion can be used in a variety of ways, depending on your business’s industry. In this post, we’ll explore how different industries can use working capital to boost business.

How to Empower Your Fast-Growth Business with Goal-Oriented Accounting

Posted by Melissa Hollis to Accounting, Investment, Funding

This post originally appeared on Signpost's business blog. It has since been modified from its original form to fit the inDinero blog, Our Two Cents. Enjoy & thank you for reading!


Pop quiz! Do you know if your business is on track to hit its financial goals for the year?

Sorry to put you on the spot like that and don’t let it make you sweat. Truth be told, an estimated 90 percent of small businesses are unable to produce dependable financial statements when prompted. And it’s probably safe to assume that even if they could access accurate finances, most small teams wouldn’t know how to turn those numbers into business insights to put into action.

Podcast: How Jessica Mah Chooses inDinero’s Investors & Board Members

Posted by Harry Stebbings to Inside inDinero, Business Advice, Funding

Harry Stebbings is the founder and host of TheTwentyMinuteVC, a podcast on a mission to inspire and guide entrepreneurial listeners with insights and advice from successful venture capitalists on the rise. 

In this episode he speaks with inDinero co-founder and CEO, Jessica Mah  about how she has grown inDinero from zero to multi-million dollar revenues with over 100 full-time employees and has been featured in the Forbes and Inc 30 Under 30 Lists. 

This podcast recording and blog post were recently featured on Harry’s website,

Listen and enjoy!

5 Things That Might Surprise You About Today’s Business Loans

Posted by Meredith Wood to Funding

If you’ve applied for a small business loan before, you might already be dreading the never-ending process and the unforgiving amounts of paperwork that come with loan applications. And this is to not even mention having to wait months for a decision back from the lender with no promise of funding on the other end!

Before you go panicking about the trials to come, there is good news. If you’re revisiting financing options and business loans after several years, you may notice a few key changes in the lending atmosphere.

The Best Credit Cards for Financing Your Small Business

Posted by Meredith Wood to Funding

A business credit card or charge card (if used wisely) can be a huge help for businesses that need help bridging cash flow from month to month. Whether or not you actively use it to finance your business, it is probably smart to have one on hand in case of emergency.

Looking for Growth Capital? 12 Things to Know About SBA Loans

Posted by Meredith Wood to Business Advice, Funding

If you’re a small business looking to grow, you might find yourself searching for working capital to make it happen. At anytime, you could be evaluating a business opportunity that could take you new heights… But could cost something to get there.

Why APR Should Outweigh Interest Rate When Choosing a Business Loan

Posted by Meredith Wood to Investment, Business Advice, Business, Funding

We understand that the search for a small business loan can be both frustrating and confusing. You’ve likely been inundated with lenders using terms like annual percentage rate, interest rate, and factor rate to explain why their loan product is better than the next. But the truth is, what’s best for one company may not be best for yours.

Top 7 Lending Options for Financing Your Small Business

Posted by Becki Iancu to Investment, Business Advice, Business, Funding

In the broadest terms imaginable, there are two steps to launching a startup:

  1. Come up with an idea.
  2. Bring it to life. 

So, if you have a concept for your business—congratulations! You’re halfway there. All that’s left to do is make it a reality.

Simple, right?