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3 Factors to Tell the Difference Between Employees and Contractors

Posted by Jessica Mah to Business Advice, Payroll, Industry News

The NFL and NCAA have each run into issues when it comes to labor laws. Here's how you can avoid your own snafu.

How Software Automation Is Unleashing Talented Bookkeepers

Posted by Rebecca Wilson to Inside inDinero, Industry News, Business

bookkeeper staring at a computer screen to illustrate article about software automation

Can automating tedious tasks actually make talented people more valuable to a company?

Our Dedication to Diversity in the Tech Startup Community

Posted by Sarah Olbekson to Inside inDinero, Industry News, Business

“Diversity: The art of thinking independently, together.” - Malcom Forbes

inDinero’s path to increasing diversity as a new member of Portland’s community of technology companies, as told by our talent acquisition manager.

Honey, we’re home! As of spring 2015, inDinero has landed in the beautiful PNW and we’re quickly getting the hang of things. This month we were introduced to TechTown Portland and immediately felt at home. It’s exhilarating to join a growing group of like-minded companies building something from their own bootstraps. And it’s extremely heartening to see all of us taking the right steps to build this ecosystem in a way that will benefit the greater local community, such as their Diversity Pledge.

Cheerleaders Are Employees! (at Least in California)

Posted by Rebecca Wilson to Business Advice, Industry News, Business


Thanks to the Oakland Raiderettes, every pro cheerleader in California now has employee status. (Photo by Pete Sheffield)

A few weeks ago, we discussed the difference between employees and contractors––and why it’s important for business owners to know the difference. Governor Jerry Brown of California agrees. Yesterday, he approved legislation recognizing California's professional cheerleaders as employees who are entitled to minimum wage and overtime.

The new law requires California sports teams to treat pro cheerleaders as employees instead of contractors and provide them with sick leave and overtime pay, as well as the standard labor protections that apply to other team employees.