Grow your business with financial support.

Do you constantly find yourself seeking better insight into the financials of your business?  

Get scalable accounting software with on-demand CFOs.

Are you tired of basic bookkeeping that only checks the box on compliance? Automated bookkeeping, CPAs that are hard to reach, and expensive in-house teams with higher overhead don’t have to be the norm.

Financial health is one of the most important parts of your business, and when you are trying to grow the last thing you need is a full workload of monotonous tasks that still doesn’t tell you what your next move should be.

We know that business growth isn’t linear. So wether you’re just starting out or have been operating for years, our accounting, tax, real-time visibility into performance and CFO consulting gets you the proactive help you need - right when you need it.

We are committed to helping you get real ROI from your accounting budget. Learn how we do it here.

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on-demand CFO 24/7.

Whether you’re fundraising or making other investments, you need an experienced partner to provide the data. You have a CFO ready to support you with financial planning and analysis, but only as you need it.

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Access financials in the cloud.

You need real-time visibility and an easy way to talk to your finance team. The inDinero dashboard is the command center for all of your business’s financial activities. Plus, our mobile app makes it easy chat with us.


real-time accounting insights.

Tactical bookkeeping is meaningless without coaching from a proactive accountant. Your inDinero accountant provides those strategic insights, so you know exactly where your business is at and where it’s going.


Maximize your tax savings.

Tax experts and Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) are part of your inDinero finance team. They know growth companies—so they can maximize your tax savings (like the R&D Tax Credit!) and resolve any and all tax issues.

"inDinero combines software with helpful human support brilliantly. As our business grows, they make it 10x easier for us to scale.”

Jared Jonas, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer of bendlabs

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How Goal Oriented-Accounting Can Drive Business Growth

Is your business on track to hit its financial goals for the year? How are you tracking success? Depending on your goals and tools, getting the right performance metrics can get complex. Chances are you’re already asking the right questions:

  • How do I ensure that I understand our financial position?
  • Which ratios indicate what?
  • Is there a perfect way to answer investor questions?
  • How can I optimize my team’s operations?
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The Startup Founder's Guide to Account & Tax Filing

Managing your startup’s finances is time consuming, and taking you away from the reason you may have started your business in the first place. Whether your company is still in its beginning stages or you’re the head of a thriving organization, having streamlined finances and insights is a must. 

This guide will help you figure out which solution, or combination of solutions, makes the best sense for you.

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Customer Spotlight:

ShearShare, a small business out of Texas, is partnering salons with open seats and stylists who are ready to work. Partnering with inDinero for long-term growth, ShearShare is setting themselves up to continue taking business further. 

Download this story to learn more about ShearShare and the steps they're taking toward continued growth. 

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Do you constantly find yourself seeking better insight into the financials of your business?  

Get scalable accounting software with on-demand CFOs.

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