Client Spotlight: Beeminder, Reminders With a Sting


Today’s blog is all about you: our clients! From now on, we will be regularly posting “Client Spotlight” articles highlighting some of indinero’s awesome clients, their goals and visions, and how indinero helps them simplify their accounting and finances. Today, we want to take a moment to shine the spotlight on Beeminder, an indinero client who specializes in helping its customers reach their goals through a very unique and effective incentivizing process.

How Beeminder Works

Beeminder is based on a simple concept, which is that nobody likes to have to spend money unnecessarily! This concept drives Beeminder’s unique incentivizing process. Any quantifiable, graphable goal works — it could be weight loss, reading a book, even reducing your time spent on Facebook — and as long as you stay on track toward meeting your goals, the service is free. But if you don’t, Beeminder charges you — which users typically don’t mind, since they gain such value from the product. In addition, Beeminder can be connected with other programs and services like Gmail, Trello, Fitbit, RescueTime, and many more, which lets you save time by automating the reporting process.

Beeminder and InDinero: a Match Made in Heaven

Beeminder’s Daniel Reeves learned of indinero through pure word of mouth. Like most of our clients, Beeminder was looking for an all-encompassing accounting solution that was easier to use than other accounting software on the market. He says that he loves using indinero because it allows him to be “blissfully ignorant about all matter of bureaucratic and financial arcana, as if we had our own accounting/HR/etc department whose job it was to worry about such things. Because with indinero, we do!” All of us at indinero love hearing statements like this and we strive to provide great service to all of our clients.

If Beeminder sounds like a cool idea, sign up for it! Special thanks to Daniel from Beeminder for all of the kind words about indinero and make sure you keep your eyes open for our next client spotlight blog.