Feature Update: Streamlined Business Operations for Small Companies


We launched an all-new, all-different interface in September complete with five new or updated features to help businesses improve their operations. It’s been fun to see which ones our clients have found most useful!

We’re focused on automating as much of the bookkeeping process as possible, and our most popular features show that businesses are excited about this too.

Want to see our new features or design in action? Check out this product demonstration.

Automated Accounting = Efficient Business Operations

Live Feedback Window

We’re looking for ways to help business owners stay organized. So we put the most important indinero notifications at the top of our client dashboard where it’s easy to see what documents and tasks need their approval.

We are also one step closer to our most frequently requested feature, live chat support. This gives users the option to open up a feedback window to send a message directly to her indinero team or get quick access to the Client Owner’s Manual from any page.

Full Service Bill Pay

Soon any indinero user will be able to both manage and pay bills from the same dashboard—a huge efficiency upgrade.

Full Service Bill Pay from indinero streamlines our clients' small business operationsFull Service Bill Pay works similarly to the receipts feature, which I discussed here. All registered team members with “Upload Bills” permissions can now email bills to their indinero service team, who will enter the bill on their behalf.

Once the bill is uploaded, the team will add the bill to “Vendors and Bill Payments” and, if already paid, will match it to any associated transaction. From there, clients can edit, approve, and pay the bill. For best results, we suggest setting up the team member who manages the indinero bill approval and payment process to receive bills from vendors. That way they can add each bill to the indinero account with a single email.


This update has a little something for everyone! Here we’ve added new fields for employees or contractors to enter bank information while submitting a request. For more information on this feature, check out this chapter in the Client Owner’s Manual.

Send Money via ACH

Businesses aren’t limited to just paying a specific bill, they can use indinero to send money via ACH to anyone they need to pay.

indinero sends money via ACH in order to make small business operations more efficient

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