Get Your Docs in a Row with Document Management

We know the moment well: you need your business’s tax return from the early 2000s and you know it’s saved somewhere on your computer. However, the name, location, and really any other detail eludes you, as decades have passed. After 30 minutes of aimless searching, the tax return surfaces under an obscure filename.

Don’t let search get you down.

With Document Management (or Doc Management, as we like to call it), you have more control over all your business’s documents. As your virtual filing cabinet, you can upload, view, download, or delete important files like tax return, cap tables, or monthly billing statements.


How to Use Doc Management

Step 1 – Navigate to Doc Management: From your Dashboard, select Documents from the Account and Settings dropdown menu.

Step 2 – Create a Folder: Doc Management, an intuitive folder architecture, gives you a decluttered view of your files, making it quick and easy for you to locate all files. In the right-hand corner of your Doc Management page, click the folder icon.


DocManagement Add New Folder


A new untitled folder will appear. Highlight the Untitled Folder text and rename the folder. Now that you have a folder, you are ready to upload some files.

Step 3 – Upload Files: Drag-and-drop your important files one at a time–or one hundred at a time!–from anywhere in Doc Management. After opening your newly created folder, you can simply drag a file from your computer into Doc Management.


Doc Management Drag and Drop Add Files


Step 4 – Rename, Download, & Delete Files: Once you have all your files uploaded and saved to your Client Folder, you can rename, delete, and download your docs.

Click on the ellipsis (…) in the far right column and from the dropdown menu select the action you’d like to take (download, rename, delete).


Doc Management Rename Download Delete


Now that you’ve got all your docs in a row, finding your business’s decade old tax return is done in a snap of your finger (but not a Thanos snap, like a normal snap)!

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