How Software Automation Is Unleashing Talented Bookkeepers

Can automating tedious tasks actually make talented people more valuable to a company?

A few years ago, many professionals in traditional industries such as accounting and marketing worried about being replaced by sophisticated software. But now, we’re seeing that software is actually freeing those people to be smarter and more creative at what they do.

What is your bookkeeper really capable of?

If she’s stuck paying the bills, organizing receipts, and checking the boxes, you’ll probably never know. Those things are important, but we think somebody with real bookkeeping expertise has better things to do.

We’ve automated away those tedious tasks so your in-house bookkeeper can focus on adding real value to your business—analyzing your cash flow, tackling waste and inefficiencies, and identifying opportunities for growth.

How much more value could that bookkeeper provide to your business?

Today, Forbes contributor Baldwin Cunningham featured Jessica Mah, indinero’s co-founder and CEO, in his article, Software Automation Doesn’t Undermine Talent, It Unleashes It:

…the real value of software automation is about moving employees up the value add chain, reducing the time they spend on simple tasks and increasing the percentage of the time they get to engage with higher order strategic thinking.

We couldn’t agree more!

Watch Jessica’s interview below.

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