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November 6, 2015by Rebecca Wilson


When our co-founder and CEO, Jessica Mah, started inDinero, it was not only her first time managing a team, it was also her first job.

It didn’t go well.

Some people are born leaders, but nobody is born knowing how to manage a team of employees. Some people become fantastic managers over the course of their careers, and others never really learn.

Then there are others who go out of their way to teach themselves.

Great leaders have several traits in common: tenacity, creativity, energy—and especially the desire to constantly improve. When Jessica realized that she lacked management skills, she took a multi-pronged approach to get better. She met with leadership coaches and therapists, she learned positive ways to manage frustration, and she asked employees for brutally honest feedback.

In this video, Jessica explains her commitment to getting better and the steps she’s taking to get there.



by Rebecca Wilson

Rebecca Wilson loves helping business owners succeed by making it easy for them to understand how to manage their finances and taxes. She loves reading and cycling all over Oregon.