How to Turn Hard Deadlines into a Productivity Booster

Jessica Mah, our co-founder and CEO, was already running indinero when she decided to become an IRS enrolled agent. How would she grow the fledgling company while achieving a major professional milestone? By becoming a productivity machine.

From 9 am to 9 pm every day, she focused on indinero: sales, marketing, and business development—she had to keep the company in business after all. And from 9 pm until midnight, she studied the tax code.

In order to meet her deadline, Jessica blocked off time on her calendar and held herself to a strict schedule. She explains how she did it—and how she’s kept it up—in this video for Inc.

Speaking of deadlines and the IRS!

We’re entering tax time, our nation’s most deadline-driven season. We know this is stressful, especially for small business owners. So we created a tax kit just for entrepreneurs with the deadlines you need, the reports your accountant will ask for, and ways to save on your taxes.