5 Small Business Tax Essentials for a Profitable Holiday Season


In their 2015 Holiday Season Recap, Stitch Labs estimates 40% of annual retail sales occur during the holiday season. As that revenue starts pouring in, you’ll want to be sure your business is set up to turn sales into profit. With that in mind, I’ve enlisted the help of my friend and indinero tax manager, John Finley, CPA, to share his go-to game plan for a lucrative end of the year.


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Without further ado, here is how to create and implement a smarter tax strategy at a startup or small business:

Holiday shopping profitable businesses

John Finley, CPA & indinero Tax Manager shares his tax tips for a profitable holiday season John-Finley-Headshot.png

The Holiday season can be stressful, frenetic, and profitable. These tax tips can help to increase profits and reduce stress.

– John Finley, CPA & Tax Manager at indinero

1. Reserve time for year-end tax planning

The last quarter of the year can be hectic.  Make sure to reserve time for year-end tax planning. Meet with your accountant to identify and consider opportunities that may reduce tax liabilities. Also, make sure you are aware of all year-end tax filing requirements and the dates returns and payments are due. Missing a filing deadline or payment due date can be costly.


2. Pay attention to payroll taxes

The Holiday season may require additional workers. Be sure to classify individuals correctly as either employees or contractors. Payroll tax can be complicated, and mistakes are costly. Keep timely and accurate payroll tax records. This will allow you to file and pay on time.


3. Keep good records

This is a particularly busy time of the year. Don’t let your record-keeping slip. Up to date books and records will allow you to monitor the progress of your business, allocate resources wisely and make smart decisions with current data.


4. Don’t use business accounts for personal expenses

You may be entertaining family, friends, business associates and customers. Be sure to segregate business and personal spending. The IRS allows business deductions that are ordinary and necessary.  Personal expenses are not deductible.  Be sure to keep contemporaneous records to substantiate business deductions.


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5. Don’t go it alone.

You’ve got enough to do this time of year, and tax compliance is complex and best handled by professionals. Stick to managing and building your business and let your CPA take care of tax. In addition to managing all tax work, a good service provider like indinero, with an experienced team of CPAs, can identify valuable planning opportunities and keep you in compliance with federal, state and local tax requirements.


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