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How inDinero Helped Moozicore Bring its Digital Jukebox to the U.S.

Posted by Celene Robert to Customer Spotlight, Accounting, Business Advice, Case Studies, Funding, Startup Tips

When was the last time you were at the gym, and cringe-worthy music completely distracted you from your workout? Or worse, while enjoying celebratory drinks out with friends, has gloomy background music brought down the atmosphere? Music is the social glue that binds us together, and yet in public spaces, we’re exposed to music we don’t like and no ability to change it.

Polish entrepreneurs Hubert Kawicki and Adam Krzak created a digital jukebox, Moozicore, to allow you to create your ultimate playlist at gyms, restaurants, or clubs directly from your phone. Giving the power back to the people, it starts at only 50¢ a song.

CommonCoach, an inDinero Client, is Changing College Admissions

Posted by Celene Robert to Customer Spotlight, Accounting, Business, Case Studies, Startup Tips

Share an essay on any topic of your choice. It can be one you've already written, one that responds to a different prompt, or one of your own design.

This is just one of many Common Application questions university candidates are facing today. Anyone facing college admissions is looking forward to hours, maybe days, of wading through demographic, academic, personal, essay (we could go on, there are so many more!) questions, often on their own or with the help of a very overworked school counselor. Perhaps the most daunting challenge for students is that they don’t understand which questions are most important, and how your answers affect your admission.

A couple of former admissions officers, Anna Ivey and Alison Cooper Chisolm, decided to level the playing field. They started CommonCoach and built their product, Inline, which provides real-time, expert support for all those pesky general questions. And the best part - you can get started for free.

Startup Spotlight on Client Gadget Flow

Posted by Melissa Hollis to Customer Spotlight, Startup Tips

As the saying goes, “do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” While usually easier said than done, Evan Varsamis and his lifelong friends, Cassie and Michael, found a way to follow this advice when they started Gadget Flow.

Spotlight on inDinero Client Zume Pizza

Posted by Mike Harder to Customer Spotlight

When you think ‘startup,’ you usually don’t think about innovations in food—especially pizza, which has changed very little over the last half-century.

There is, after all, something classic about pizza. All you have to do is dial up the nearest pizza chain, and voila, pizza arrives outside your door, not thirty minutes later.

Even though many would say the pizzas they make are appetizing, satisfactory, and above all, consistent, Zume Pizza’s founders knew there was much room for improvement. With a passion for food and a knack for thinking outside of the box, Zume Pizza is flipping the industry on its head with an integration of new technology and a refreshing business model.

ShearShare, A Beauty App, Uses inDinero for Long-Term Growth

Posted by Melissa Hollis to Customer Spotlight, Case Studies


ShearShare’s Story

ShearShare, like most great business ideas, originated at the intersection of expertise and necessity. The ShearShare mobile app helps barbers and cosmetologists find open booths to work while salon owners turn their empty chairs into extra dollars.


What started as leveraging their personal connections between beauticians and salon owners grew into a manual matchmaking manhunt. As the two founders, Courtney and Tye Caldwell, spent more and more time matching stylists to empty salon chairs, they soon realized it was time to leverage digital connectivity.

Spotlight on Watsi and Transparency in Accounting

Posted by Melissa Hollis to Customer Spotlight

Several years ago, Chase Adam was just a Peace Corps volunteer riding a bus through an area of Costa Rica known as Watsi. At one point, a woman climbed aboard and began asking passengers to donate to her son’s medical treatment.

The proverbial light bulb switched on: What if you could fund healthcare for people in need, anywhere in the world?

Customer Spotlight: How Outsourced Accounting Made Zapier Happier

Posted by Melissa Hollis to Customer Spotlight, Accounting


Zapier outsourced accounting to inDinero for more growth and saved time and money.

Spotlight on Sendwithus and Small Business Taxes

Posted by Ryan Mason to Customer Spotlight


Photo by John Candy

This month's featured client stands out for more than just their innovative product: they are one of our very few clients whose business is based in another country. Founded in Victoria, British Columbia two years ago, Sendwithus has experienced a remarkable amount of growth in a short amount of time thanks to hard work, innovation, and a little help from a certain San Francisco-based accounting software platform.

Client Spotlight: How inDinero Helped Streamline Operations

Posted by Ryan Mason to Customer Spotlight

It’s safe to say that most great ideas spring from necessity, and businesses are no different. InDinero was created because businesses struggled to manage their accounting while juggling the demands of running a business: we corrected this issue by filling the need for modern back-office solutions for businesses. This month’s client spotlight blog focuses on a company that was created in a similar way: what inDinero does for accounting, San Francisco-based does for infrastructure management.

Client Spotlight: Beeminder, Reminders With a Sting

Posted by Ryan Mason to Customer Spotlight

Today’s blog is all about you: our clients! From now on, we will be regularly posting “Client Spotlight” articles highlighting some of inDinero’s awesome clients, their goals and visions, and how inDinero helps them simplify their accounting and finances. Today, we want to take a moment to shine the spotlight on Beeminder, an inDinero client who specializes in helping its customers reach their goals through a very unique and effective incentivizing process.