Talk to a financial consultant about how inDinero can help you get back the time you need to run your business.

We handle your most tedious and intimidating business tasks—accounting and tax. Here's how:


We pair you with a full team of accounting, tax, and business experts who work directly with you and each other to build a comprehensive, long-term strategy for your financial performance and compliance necessities.


Access the financial data you need anytime, anywhere via an accounting dashboard that automatically updates to provide a comprehensive picture of where your business stands at any given moment.

Drive your business with simple, insightful accounting software

Our founder-friendly software brings your finances together so you can manage them from anywhere via a cloud interface. Get a snapshot of your company’s financial health, review key financials, and see value & cost centers at a glance.

  • Simple visualizations of financial data
  • Invoicing and online bill pay via ACH or check
  • Employee reimbursements
  • Financial accounts in one place
  • Automatic transaction categorization
  • Interactive tax portal
  • Reporting by project, location, or department
  • Month-to-date snapshot
  • Credit card processing via integration with Stripe
  • Inventory management via integration with Stitch Labs
Image of the inDinero dashboard on a laptop, surrounded by a mobile phone, a pair of glasses, and a stack of paperwork

Get more than just compliance with built-in business tax strategies

The key to a stress-free tax season is excellent year-round accounting. With inDinero, your accounting and tax team work together and with you seamlessly. This means that as your books get closed each month, quarter, or year, you are constantly one step closer to being prepared for tax season. inDinero’s CPAs specialize in taxes for SaaS, startups, and professional services companies and are here to help. What we do:

  • Maximize your small business tax deductions and credits (including R&D)
  • Prepare and file all federal, state, and city tax forms
  • Track and classify business expenses throughout the year
  • Perform asset depreciation
  • Guide foreign shareholder or subsidiary responsibilities with overseas business activities
  • Create K-1 forms to partners (LLCs)
Image of inDinero's cloud-based Tax Questionnaire on a laptop screen
Photo of David Stone, a satisfied user of inDinero's accounting services

“Because inDinero is cloud-based, I can be on set with a client on the other side of the planet and send an invoice, pay a bill, or submit a batch of expense reimbursements making it easy to keep up with my finances from anywhere.”

- David G. Stone, Partner & Creative Director at The Human Expansion Co.

Get a 30 minute consultation with a financial expert

During your 30 minute consultation, our financial expert will determine whether we're a fit by learning:

  • How you run your business and your growth goals
  • What you're currently using for your accounting and tax services
  • How much time you invest in supporting your back office day-to-day
  • Which of your current systems may be costing you time and money
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