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Save up to $250,000 per year via the R&D tax credit for up to 5 years.

If you’re not taking advantage of the R&D tax credit, you’re missing out on game-changing savings and growth drivers.

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Expenses That Qualify for the R&D Tax Credit

The R&D tax credit is available for various types of research and development expenses. These are typically expenses that a business incurs in the pursuit of innovation, improvement, and development of new or existing products, services, or processes. Here are some expenses that qualify for the R&D tax credit:

  • Pre-production
  • Prototyping
  • Development
  • Structure
  • Experimentation
  • Design and Engineering

    Whether you’re building mechanical devices or selling packaged food, a lot of time and resources go into bringing new products to market. With the R&D tax credit, you can save money on:

    • Researcher wages
    • Testing supplies
    • Outside consultation

    The tax experts at inDinero will help you identify qualifying expenditures, and file the necessary paperwork to get you every dollar you can.

  • Product Testing

    When your customers see your product on the shelf, they don’t see the rigorous testing you put it through to ensure that it is safe and fulfills their needs. The government has gone to great lengths to ensure that time and resources spent prototyping new products doesn’t go wasted. Get reimbursed for:

    • Engineer wages
    • Custom parts
    • Design consultants

    The tax experts at inDinero will ensure that you get every dollar you are owed for prototyping new products.

  • Software Production

    In the digital age, business software has become almost mandatory to compete in the market. Many businesses pour lots of resources in developing or configuring software to suit their needs. Your business could be eligible for tax reimbursement for:

    • IT payroll
    • Subscriptions and licenses
    • Implementation consultants

    inDinero will work with you to determine if you have qualifying expenditures and file the necessary paperwork to get you savings.

  • Process Development

    A lot of business owners don’t even think about the processes they use as a product of research and development. But if you’re spending time and resources creating new internal processes, you may be entitled to the R&D tax credit. Eligible expenses may include:

    • Operations consulting
    • Manager salaries
    • Software

    The tax experts at inDinero can help you identify the expenses associated with developing your internal processes and file the necessary paperwork to get tax savings.

  • Product Calibration

    A product’s design may not always match what the built product is capable of and often requires several redesigns to get rights. The government wants to make sure these false starts are not wasted efforts, offering tax credits for product testing expenses, including:

    • Prototype materials
    • Testing facilities
    • Engineering consultants

    Our tax team at inDinero will help you determine what expenses are eligible for the R&D tax credit and file the necessary paperwork to get you savings.

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R&D Tax Credits Consultation

Save Up to $250k per Year. Indinero can help you identify all the areas that qualify for the R&D Tax Credit.

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More About the R&D Tax Credit

If we cannot save you tax in this regard then you don’t have to pay us anything for this specific tax service related to the R&D tax credit – so what do you have to lose by exploring this?

The research and development tax credit was designed to encourage businesses to develop new products and services to benefit the public. In the interest of the public good, Congress has set aside a surprising number of activities that qualify as R&D, eligible for a tax credit.

If you spend any money working on new products and services, you may qualify for the R&D tax credit. The experienced CPAs at inDinero can find out how much you are owed and help you file the necessary paperwork to get it.

R&D Tax Credit Services
R&D Tax Credit Services

Identify Qualified Expenses

After reviewing your business’s operations and identifying qualifying expenses, our tax expert will go through your financial records with you and itemize your expenses. This will require you to have receipts, invoices, and other documentation of your spending available.

As part of the overall process, inDinero assists clients with all the relevant supporting documentation compliance admin to make sure that all the i’s are dotted and T’s are crossed if the IRS or relevant State(s) should ever raise any questions about a client’s R&D tax credits.

Many business owners come to us not only for help with taxes, but also help with finances generally. While owners may know their industry well, financial management doesn’t come naturally to every owner.

inDinero can help you organize your financial documents and records to make calculating your annual R&D tax credit a breeze.

Calculate Total Credit

Implement proactive tax strategies from the best virtual CFO professionals to quickly overcome changes in federal and state laws to mitigate liability.

By using our cloud-based tax questionnaire, we aid businesses with tax prep, review, and filing. We work alongside your accounting team so you don’t have to worry about meeting a new face.

With guaranteed accuracy and encrypted business tax software, you can rest assured knowing your company’s information is secure with a vCFO.

R&D Tax Credit
No Risk R&D Tax Credit Initial Assessment

File Necessary Paperwork

Once we’ve itemized your expenses, our tax expert will fill out the appropriate forms to ensure that you are in compliance with federal and state tax law. (36 states have R&D tax credits, too!)

We make getting your tax savings easy by doing the paperwork for you and only asking you to sign where necessary. We make your tax worries disappear, so you never have to think about taxes again.

If you’re curious about your tax bill, we provide our clients with copies of all their tax documents as well as a summary detailing your expenditures and savings.

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If you’re making technological research advances as you develop a new product, then you could save your company a significant amount of money. Grab our guide to learn how to earn money back from the IRS for your research and development expenses.

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