Why inDinero?

Existing options aren’t enough to get you to the next stage


Automated Bookkeeping Doesn’t Evaluate or Advise on your Financial Strategy.


CPAs are Hard to Reach and Rarely Available for Real-Time Data or Guidance.


In-House Teams Require Additional Resources and Higher Overhead

These options may work for certain businesses, but if you’re looking to grow, you need a scalable solution that gives you real ROI. When it comes to your finances, you need a partner who can give you the tools and insights you need to scale, at a cost that won’t break the bank. Basic bookkeeping services, outdated accounting firms, and expensive in-house hires won’t cut it.

Insert inDinero

At inDinero, we guide your company’s financial future by providing bookkeeping, accounting, tax, and CFO-level support. We reduce monotonous bookkeeping tasks through our software to provide you real-time visibility into your financial health. And it’s all powered by accounting and tax experts who know your business.

Dashboard 2

On-the-go financials

Everything you need is at your fingertips with our cloud-based technology — so you can get work done on the go. With one quick glance at your dashboard, you’ll know your burn rate and cash flow.


On-Demand CFOs

At inDinero, your dedicated accounting and tax team is built to meet your business’s needs now and scale with you as your obligations grow. Our on-demand CFOs are ready to work with you from the start, giving you the proactive insights needed to grow your business.

Know Your Options

The right accounting and tax option will help your startup thrive. This guide will help you figure out the best option: