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    Accounting software + service for business

    inDinero provides the financial tools and data to understand, run, and grow your small business

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  • inDinero accounting services

    Accounting Resources

    Understanding your money is the best way to make more of it. Get tools and resources for getting more value out of your business's accounting and taxes.

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  • inDinero accounting services

    Turn accounting & taxes into a value-center

    inDinero supports thousands of thriving businesses across the United States by turning their finances into a powerful secret weapon.

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Dedicated Finance Team

With inDinero as an extension of your company, you have access to an entire team of experts–accountants, CPAs, and tax specialists–who wake up each morning eager to support your company's growth. 


Founder-Friendly Software

Easily uncover financial insights for running a better business and manage day-today finances using our beautiful, powerful accounting software entrepreneurs love.


Grow With Us, Not Out of Us

Forget hunting for a new solution when your business takes off. We work with companies with upwards of 8-figures in revenue and hundreds of employees to help them anticipate the complexities that come along with expansion and success.

Accounting Software for 
Data-Driven Businesses 

Accounting software should help you know where your money is going, what your margins are, how your departments are performing. What it shouldn’t do: require you to babysit it. inDinero is an accounting and tax software + service that handles it all for you, complete with a dashboard designed to uncover powerful insights for even the least financially savvy founders.

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