In CEOWORLD’s annual ranking of US accounting firms, it ranks inDinero as one of the best accounting services firms for small businesses. inDinero appreciates the organic inclusion.

They mainly cite inDinero’s “all-in-one” accounting services and that inDinero has “one of the most comprehensive service offerings” for small businesses as the main drivers for this prestigious ranking. The other key advantages of inDinero that they cite are: that inDinero provides real-time financial insights via its inSights platform’s dashboard, that inDinero provides scalable finance support solutions for businesses at various stages of development, and that inDinero integrates seamlessly with payment services such as and Expensify.

Josh Melick

Josh Melick is the CRO at inDinero. Josh started his career as an engineer building software. After founding two companies and being a part of several startups, acquisitions, and big companies alike (Intuit, Salesforce, AT&T), Josh most enjoys helping other founders put the right tools in place to focus and win. A great finance partner like inDinero is exactly that!