Getting to Know indinero: Sarah Olbekson


indinero’s teammates all have intriguing stories and we want to share them with our readers. So you can get to know the individuals behind the magic that each make indinero a top-notch business and amazing place to work. Featured this month is none other than, Sarah Olbekson, who leads indinero’s talent acquisition team (aka builds indinero’s army of awesome people). Sarah joined indinero’s team a year ago this month as one of its first hires the Portland, Ore. office.

In the past when I’ve put these posts together I’ll ask another teammate to provide a quote about what makes the individual so fun to work with, but with this post I’m going to be a selfish writer and provide my own note about Sarah. So before you dive into her answers to my nosy questions, here are a few words about Sarah from me, indinero’s marketing manager, Melissa Hollis:

Like most people who work here, Sarah was the very first person I spoke with from indinero and I will never forget that conversation. I was nervous and excited which also made me terrified I was going to fumble and screw up (obviously a sign that [working at indinero] was an opportunity I didn’t want to miss out on). I’m sure many people go into initial interviews feeling this way but because of her poise, confidence, and natural charisma, there no one better suited than Sarah to handle that as well as the multitude of other high pressure situations that come up in her position.

Since meeting Sarah almost a year ago I’ve spent many mornings making coffee and breakfast with her in the indinero kitchen (we’re both early risers). I’ve also watch her build her own team of mini-super-recruiters and listened to her as he voice of reason for what will be best for this growing company even when it means making tough decisions or giving difficult feedback. It’s easy to see in every face you meet at indinero’s offices that this place would not be nearly as wonderful without her and the direct impact she’s had in building a kick ass team… Which brings me back to how happy I am to get to compose this article because of how important it is that we share this awesome, instrumental indinero individual with the world.

Sarah Olbekson Takes a Break from Grilling indinero Job Applicants to Get on the Other Side of Answering Questions:


What do you like best about working at indinero?

Where do I start? First, the people. We work with passionate, driven individuals. I am fortunate in my role to get to see or meet almost all people we hire then get to see them excel once they are hired. I also love that I am constantly pushed outside my comfort zone. I have been challenged and grown more at indinero than any other job I’ve had.

What do you think would make indinero better?

Continued efforts in diversity hiring. We have so many amazing people that come from different backgrounds, it allows us to learn from each other and not always think the same way. I feel that if we can continue to keep diversity front of mind, we will just get better and better with each hire we make. Seeing how much we have changed as a company in the year I have been here is amazing. I am amazed at how much I get to learn from those around me every day.

I’m happiest when:

Working out/being active. Nothing puts me in a better mood than a great work out with friends.

Favorite place to live:

I am one of the rare true Oregonians, I’ve never left because every time I come back from a trip away, Oregon is the most beautiful place.

I’m proudest of:

This is boring but paying off my student loans. I was so happy when I made that last payment.

Favorite pastimes:

Working out, travel, family and friends, and good Netflix marathon.

Favorite song, movie, book, or comedian:

Song: Valerie, Amy Winehouse

Movie: Dumb and Dumber

Book: Tuesdays with Morrie

Comedian: Jimmy Fallon

3 Biggest pet peeves:

  1. People being late
  2. People that honk when the drive – does that really help anything?
  3. Clutter

5 things you personally like:

  1. College Football
  2. Oregon Coast
  3. Going to the movies
  4. Music – all music, I have to have music playing at all times
  5. Trying new restaurants  

The top 3 highlights of my life:

  1. My niece and nephew, I could show them off all day long
  2. Seeing Kobe Bryant play his last game in Portland
  3. Completing the Portland Marathon

People would be surprised to know:

I have been doing Crossfit for 5 years, I still can’t get enough of it.

Favorite Memory:

Camping with my family growing up. My dad would sweep the tent out every morning and be quoting lines from Christmas Vacation while my brother and I ran around feeding any animals we could find. I always wished we did Disneyland at the time but now I am so glad we did family camping trips.

What’s your favorite place on Earth?

Autzen Stadium – The energy, the excitement, the memories get me every time.

Go-to karaoke competition song?

Whitney Houston, “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”


That’s all folks… Happy one year at indinero, Sarah, and cheers to many more to come!