How to Make Your Company Stand Out in a Competitive Job Market

Unlike the old days, it’s now possible for jobseekers to find openings practically anywhere. We can thank the internet for this, and the rate at which it’s being used to connect jobseekers to recruiters. However, despite this trend, recruiters are still finding it difficult to fill job openings with qualified applicants. In fact, 67 percent of recruiters claim that it is now more difficult to find the talent they need than ever. With so many openings available, it’s become essential that your company is able to stand out from your competitors. And we’ve got a few simple steps you can take to do just that.


See Your Company as an Outsider Would

Companies often become so focused on what they’re doing internally, they forget to think about how they would see themselves through the lens of a jobseeker. Being able to provide a high salary with good benefits is one thing, but if a potential job candidate were to visit your website and find that it looks outdated, then it casts a shadow over your company and the position you’re looking to fill. This is also the case if your company has received negative reviews on sites like Glassdoor and Indeed.

When looking to improve your company’s external image, think about what qualities you’d hope to find in a company and job that you would apply for. Then assess your ability to enact them. It’s not always possible to avoid negative criticism on job review sites but addressing and resolving this feedback will go a long way in showing potential job candidates that you care about the wellbeing of your employees.


Think of Job Candidates Like Customers

First impressions matter everywhere else in life, the same goes for your potential candidates. You can work wonders to improve your external image, but if a potential job candidate’s interaction with your brand falls short of those they’ve had with your competitors, then they are more likely to choose the company with whom they had the better experience.

Just like your customers, job candidates expect to be treated respectfully and hospitably. They also expect to hear back about their application in a timely manner. According to a recent study, 23 percent of candidates reported that they lose interest in a company if they don’t hear back within one week after the first interview. Another 46 percent reported that they lose interest if there’s no status update after the two-week mark. These findings accentuate the need for your company to be diligent about maintaining active channels of communication with candidates in order to increase the chances that you’ll be able to recruit top talent.


Cater to Job Candidates’ Needs

As the years change, so too do jobseekers’ desires and expectations. The new generation of workers looks for much more out of their employer than just a paycheck, and companies have been quick to deliver upon these requests. More and more companies are now offering comfortable working arrangements. Harrison Doan, Director of Analytics at Saatva, sees this as an impactful strategy, stating,

“One of the ways we’ve tackled the issue is by highlighting the benefits of working for us beyond the typical salary/benefits (dog-friendly workspace, team happy hours, fully stocked kitchen!). Candidates, especially millennials, need to know you’re a company that really cares about its employees if they’re even going to consider applying.”

While a good salary and benefits never hurt, it’s important to think outside the box to become a place jobseekers will want to work with perks that are unique to your organization. Another way to attract the next generation of employees is to showcase how their job may differ from similar roles at other companies. If candidates see that you are leveraging exciting new technology—like cloud-based applications that allow employees to work remotely or business automation software that can automate tedious parts of jobs—then they will be more likely to apply to your company knowing their time at work will be more efficient and enjoyable.

While it may seem like there are an overwhelming amount of ways you can set your company apart, it’s important to realize that every little change you make will go a long way in attracting top talent for years to come.


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