Iindinero Honored with Comparably 2020 Workplace Awards Including Best Company Culture

Comparably Award Winner 2020

2020 has, hands down, been a year unlike any other we’ve ever seen. With public health, economic and social crises ushering in major changes to how we live and work, it’s crucial that workplaces provide a strong, positive company culture to give us the purpose and balance we need to get through each day.

At indinero, we strive to provide balance and growth for not only our employees but also our clients, small to mid-sized businesses struggling to keep their doors open. And our efforts have not gone unnoticed. Today, company culture and compensation data platform Comparably announced it’s 2020 workplace awards and we’re thrilled to share that indinero has been honored with the following recognitions:

The awards are based on anonymous surveys from employees who rate their companies on the Comparably site over the past year. So thank you, inDinerians, for your feedback and for making our company a great place to be! While we still have lots to do, Comparably’s recognitions are a strong testament to the strides we’ve taken so far this year to create an environment where employees feel happy and driven to learn and grow.

indinero’s Founder and CEO Jessica Mah said of the awards:

Looking back on indinero’s journey, it is amazing to see how far we’ve come. We have expanded our business services throughout the U.S., have grown our team to 200+ employees, and have plans to grow even more in 2021! This year has been a challenge for so many businesses and people, and I am so impressed by how our team members jumped in to help in every way that they could. Not only did our employees eagerly step up to the plate to learn everything about PPP to help our clients, but they also stepped up to help each other. This year as we transitioned into working fully remote, our team members really came together and made the extra effort to connect more, and it’s made all of the difference. We have held virtual parties, celebrated achievements together, been there for each other in the challenges of this year, and supported causes that were important to us. I have never been more excited to login in the morning and connect with my team. We’ve truly found the best people to work with here at indinero, and they’re the reason we’ve accomplished all that we have this year.

2020 has brought devastation to America’s small business community and many of our clients were among those affected. For indinero, our clients are a part of our family and we’re determined to do everything we can to get them through these crazy times—from filling out PPP loan applications to adjusting cash flow expectations. Client Partnership is more than just a core value, it’s a way of life. To give clients the accounting expertise needed now more than ever, employees have more internal opportunities for training and development, with clear paths for advancement and education.

On employee development, Clifford Tong indinero Director of Accounting said:

I started out as a Controller for our Portland office, and have since been promoted to a Director of Accounting. Being in a fast-paced setting where change is a constant, especially during 2020, I’ve definitely been pushed outside of my comfort zone at times, and embrace the fast pace! This environment is where I’ve learned the most and developed quickly. Knowing and seeing my growth being acknowledged and supported by those I work with makes my experience here that much better.

Beyond our dedication to our clients, indinero offers a number of opportunities to walk the walk on our belief that employees act as One Team. As a remote-first company, our employees are spread throughout the country and abroad, with half our team in the Philippines! To connect, a culture committee was formed to put on regular virtual happy hours, holiday parties, and employee appreciation initiatives. Having such a wide range of people gives indinero a deeper, more diverse culture.

To promote diversity, particularly during a year where we’ve seen such powerful social movements as Black Lives Matter, indinero developed a task force to promote conversations and connections among employees. Donations were raised to support Black Lives Matter, Hope Speaks Project, and School on Wheels, with all inDinerian funds matched by CEO Jess Mah.

On the awards indinero’s Director of People, Jess Park, said:

The teams have been working hard to foster more collaboration and connectivity, and in spite of these trying times, have really come together to build an inspiring, energizing culture. This year we have made great strides in ensuring we start 2021 with a One Team mentality and focus, and it’s been really amazing to see all of the various parts rowing together.

But at the end of the day, what makes a company great are the employees themselves. We’ve found that inDinerians teach us to grow and challenge us to grow our skills, thinking, and careers, and that drive and direct communication are embodied in everyone from our leadership team to individual contributors. One Comparably employee review of our executive team reads, “What I like best about the leadership team is that they are very transparent and supportive. No matter what your role is, you feel connected, appreciated, and informed.”

So, thank you to all the inDinerians who make us love going to work every day, and to Comparably for celebrating our culture of growth!


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