Getting to Know indinero: Lisa Bunday, CFO

As you can imagine, being CFO of a fintech startup can be a stimulating—and sometimes boisterous—job. Especially when you compare it to the more traditional CFO role at a larger enterprise company. Which is why when it came time for indinero to find a fearless financial leader, it wasn’t easy—until we found Lisa Bunday. After all, it’s not every day you meet someone with Lisa’s background in accounting and finance who still finds a way to reference Ross Gellar and Excel Spreadsheets in one breath. Our COO, Keddrick Stuart shares why he’s excited to have Lisa on the team:

“Lisa is that rare commodity of someone with deep technical talent AND someone who gets our clients. With her extensive experience as a consulting CFO for dozens of growing SaaS companies, Lisa isn’t just helping us manage our rapid growth; she is already working with the entire indinero team to improve service for our clients. Lisa’s real passions for team culture and accountability were how I knew she’d be a great fit at indinero.”

I’m sure Keddrick could go on and on about why we love having Lisa as a part of the indinero family, but reading through her answers should give you an even better idea!


Lisa Bunday Goes Beyond the Balance Sheet to Give Us a Glimpse Into What It’s Like Being a CFO at a Fintech Startup:


Q: Why did you choose to work for indinero?

A: Everyone I spoke to through the recruiting process was so friendly and engaging. All were super smart and passionate about the company. I love that indinero is a young, growing company and I saw the opportunity to help shape the business and the culture. When I was early in my career, around 27 years old, I worked for a company that was growing very quickly. We all were like a family, and I’ve always viewed it was a once in a career golden time where everyone truly is like family, having fun, and disrupting an industry. I see that same spark with indinero and feel so blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of this time.


Q: What are you most excited about working at indinero?

A: Growing the company and making it better, faster, stronger while having incredible core values driving our culture.


Q: If you were an accounting equation [or financial tool/document], which would you be?

A: Pivot Table for sure. PIVOT!!



Q: When are you the happiest?

A: Hmmm, that’s a toughie as I am a pretty happy person most of the time. I guess I’m happiest when I’m getting stuff done, personal or business. I’m a checklist girl and accomplishing things makes me glow.


Q: What is one of your proudest moments or accomplishments?

A: That one is easy! Seeing my daughters grow up to be incredibly strong capable young ladies. They are teenagers now, but I’m getting a glimpse into what they will be as full blown adults, and they are so close to being ready to be released into the wild. I’m tremendously proud of them.


Q: What is/are your favorite pastime(s)?

A: My absolute favorite is reading a good book. However, sadly, I can’t be trusted with books as I don’t stop reading until I’m done. That means no sleep, no going in to work, no feeding my poor children, etc. until I’ve read start to finish. Other non-all consuming pastimes include spending time at the barn with our horses, rescuing hound dogs, and occasionally roller skating.


Q: What is your favorite song, movie, book, or comedian:

Song: Scenes from an Italian Restaurant

Movie: Office Space

Book: Anything by Stephen King for fiction; Anything by Patrick Lencioni for self-improvement

Comedian: Robin Williams

Other: Cake is good. Cake makes everything better.


Q: What are some of your pet peeves:

  1. People with a lack of curiosity
  2. Hearing “because that’s the way we’ve always done it.”
  3. Defeatist/negative attitudes


Q: What would people be surprised to know about you?

A: I love music. I paid for a chunk of college through a music scholarship and teaching piano to kids. I also played piano on the weekends in a fancy restaurant/bar when I was 15-16.


Q: If you could meet anyone—dead or alive—who would you choose?

A: Queen Victoria. Talk about a leader disrupter! She is the real deal right there.


Q: What’s your favorite place on Earth?

A: Anywhere my kids are, is where I want to be. That said, if they could be in Hawaii, that would be awesome.


Q: What do you think indinero’s biggest opportunity is?

A: Smart, controlled (but rapid) growth through organic and acquisition, resulting in a world-class firm with a killer culture that all other companies aspire to be.


Q: If you were to compete against our Co-Founder & CEO, Jessica Mah, in the Olympic Karaoke Challenge, what song would you sing to get the gold?

A: “Somebody to Love” – Queen

We’ll be sure to queue up “We are the Champions” for your encore performance!



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