Jessica Mah’s Secrets to Grow 2,685.6% in 3 years


Ash Roy has been creating podcast featuring entrepreneurs on missions to support other entrepreneurs.

In this episode he speaks with indinero co-founder and CEO, Jessica Mah about her financial secrets to growing the company by over 2,000% in just 3 years. They specifically drill down down into content: absorbing content and processing content, but also creating it and tapping into what resonates with entrepreneurs as only a fellow entrepreneur can.

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Key Points (Timestamps)

  • 00:48 — Intro and overview
  • 01:31 — Why financial reporting is critical to business profitability?
  • 01:51 — Accounting & Tax are intimidating to lots of businesses.
  • 03:22  — Businesses often focus on revenue and not in profit.
  • 03:58 — Online business are often obsessed with revenue at the expense of profit.
  • 04:33  — InDinero can give business owner overview on their cash flow, profitability, revenue.
  • 05:50 — Jessica Mah’s mindset when she develops  content around InDinero?
  • 07:00 — Storytelling is an important part of Jessica Mah’s content creation process
  • 08:46 — The biggest challenges businesses face when getting finances in order
  • 10:45 — Businesses don’t spend enough time on their forecasting mapping out their cash position and profit for, 24 months, or 36 months.
  • 12:37 — The plan is going to change but the act of planning helps you to figure out how to run your business better.
  • 15:15 — When you create a plan you get to know what you don’t know
  • 16:46 — Action steps to get your financial planning in order
  • 18:01 — Jessica Mah’s advice for solo entrepreneurs who are looking to get started with the financial planning cycle
  • 19:10 — How to use your hourly rate as a benchmark to delegate tasks to your employees
  • 20:19  — Jessica Mah’s favorite books that have had a great impact on her.
  • 22:40 — Jessica Mah’s think weeks where she blocks off entire weeks to just read books!
  • 25:03 — How context switching affects productivity in a massive way
  • 26:49 — Jessica Mah featured in cover profile of INC Magazine for September 2015 issue.
  • 28:35 — What is the biggest key action point?

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