UncategorizedThe Moment Jessica Mah Swapped Being Stubborn for Savvy

November 20, 2015by Rebecca Wilson


In this hilarious video from The Next Web, our CEO and co-founder, Jessica Mah, talks about how she stopped being so stubborn and thinking she had all the answers.

In the first iteration of inDinero, we had amazing growth, flattering publicity, and tens of thousands of customers using our simple app.

But the business model was shaky.

“We had created a vitamin instead of a painkiller.” —Jessica Mah

But, even as the company crumbled around her, Jessica says she still felt invincible. It wasn’t until a tough conversation with Steve Blank, renowned Silicon Valley mentor and inDinero investor, that Jessica realized the company wasn’t going well.

“He saw through all my crap,” she says.

That was the beginning of the pivot, but there was still some major drama to overcome: unhappy customers and serious tension with our chief technology officer, Andy Su.

By facing these challenges head on, Jessica and Andy were able to strengthen their friendship and change inDinero to what it is today: a team of experts that help small businesses manage their accounting and taxes, plus an insights-focused dashboard.


by Rebecca Wilson

Rebecca Wilson loves helping business owners succeed by making it easy for them to understand how to manage their finances and taxes. She loves reading and cycling all over Oregon.