indinero Helps CommonCoach Save Time to Focus on Their Product

CommonCoach case study


Location: Based in Los Angeles, CA

Headcount: 2-10 employees

Industry: Education Software

Application Replaced: Traditional Accountant/Bookkeeper

Started with indinero: 2017


CommonCoach Plans for Growth with indinero as Their Digital College Coach Product, Inline, Levels the Admissions Playing Field

Anyone facing college admissions is looking forward to hours, maybe days, of wading through demographic, academic, personal, essay (we could go on, there are so many more!) questions, often on their own or with the help of a very overworked school counselor. Perhaps the most daunting challenge for students is that they don’t understand which questions are most important, and how your answers affect your admission.

Enter CommonCoach:

A couple of former admissions officers, Anna Ivey and Alison Cooper Chisolm, decided to level the playing field. They started CommonCoach and built their product, Inline, which provides real-time, expert support for all those pesky general questions.

In order to focus on making great products and generating revenue, CommonCoach turned to indinero, experts in scalable startup finances. A team of accountants and tax experts dedicated to CommonCoach’s financial success helped alleviate the burden of day-to-day bookkeeping, giving Anna and fellow co-founders the freedom to focus on refining their product.


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