Spotlight on Sendwithus and Small Business Taxes

This month’s featured client stands out for more than just their innovative product: they are one of our very few clients whose business is based in another country. Founded in Victoria, British Columbia two years ago, Sendwithus has experienced a remarkable amount of growth in a short amount of time thanks to hard work, innovation, and a little help from a certain San Francisco-based accounting software platform.

The Sendwithus Story

Sendwithus was born after founders Brad Van Vugt and Matt Harris repeatedly experienced the pain of juggling product and marketing responsibilities. In 2013, they launched Sendwithus as a platform that sends transactional emails on behalf of their clients’ applications.

According to co-founder Matt Harris, the platform is “designed to bridge the gap between your marketing and product team” by putting marketers in charge of transactional emails. Traditionally, marketers have to struggle to make their transactional emails align with their company’s branding, but Sendwithus makes it a breeze. In addition, the Sendwithus solution includes A/B testing, analytics, built-in translation, and drip campaign functionality into their offering—making their product indispensable to the modern marketer.


Small Business Taxes South of the Border

Sendwith us uses indinero for small business taxes and small business accounting
The Sendwithus Team

After being accepted into Y-Combinator, Sendwithus expanded their business into California. This made them an international company, and although they were comfortable continuing to do their Canadian taxes in-house, they needed a reliable accounting solution to handle their American business taxes. indinero’s name and stellar reputation was a common fixture throughout their Y-Combinator network, and after connecting in the summer of 2014, it’s been smooth sailing ever since.

“The time saved from not having to deal with anything related to doing business in California” has been the biggest benefit of working with indinero, Matt said. He went on to say that he appreciates that indinero is trustworthy: he can hand indinero a problem and know we’ll come up with the right answer.

We’d like to give a big thank you to Sendwithus, as well as all of our other clients for making our job so fulfilling. If you think your transactional emails need the Sendwithus touch, contact them today and let them know. Helping businesses succeed is what we do, and it’s easy to love your job when you’ve got such great clients.

If you’re a small business with tax questions, be sure to download our Business Owner’s Guide to GAAP Accounting!

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