Customer Spotlight: How Outsourced Accounting Made Zapier Happier

Zapier’s Story

You may have heard of Zapier, likely after asking yourself, “Why can’t these apps just work together?!” At least that is what businesses were asking Wade Foster and his fellow co-founders Bryan Helmig and Mike Knoop when they were working as IT project contractors. That question is what ultimately led to the idea for Zapier.

Getting web-based applications to talk to each other involves connecting the dots between each application program interface (API)—essentially the cerebellum of your software. As the trio was asked to perform this mundane “technical paperwork” more and more, they realized how desperately small businesses and individuals needed the super power to automate tasks and get more bandwidth out of their data–without needing years of coding knowledge.

Outsourced Accounting Takes the Pain Out of Running a Business

indinero has been a part of Zapier’s dream since 2012, when they had been in business for about a year and were already seeing success. With that success came complexities within their business operations and back-office. The two companies that both garnered seed funding through Y Combinator met through their shared network of startups.

indinero was the outsourced accounting system Zapier had been dreaming of! “As business owners, the less time we have to spend on taxes and accounting, the better,” said Wade Foster, co-founder and CEO. “indinero just takes care of all our accounting needs and is a major time saver.”

Wade explained that outsourcing this obligation to indinero has made keeping up with business performance simple and straightforward. “Once a month I pop in [to the indinero dashboard] and look through the books and make sure it’s on the right path,” he said. “It’s our regular gut-check that our feelings about the business as a whole are aligned with our actual financial performance.”

Read Zapier’s story to see the ways outsourcing their accounting to indinero gave them the valuable information they needed to grow their business.

Growing & Scaling with indinero

Zapier now has more than 600,000 customers zapping information between each of the 500+ apps in their library (aka Zapbook), which anyone can use at the click of a button! Wade credits indinero for lifting the accounting load from his team’s shoulders and enabling them to expand. “As our business grows it becomes more complex and indinero Enterprise’s Controller level services are anticipating what we need to look at down the road and helping us prepare for it.”