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inDinero Honored with Comparably 2020 Workplace Awards Including Best Company Culture

Posted by Celene Robert to Inside inDinero, Industry News

2020 has, hands down, been a year unlike any other we’ve ever seen. With public health, economic and social crises ushering in major changes to how we live and work, it’s crucial that workplaces provide a strong, positive company culture to give us the purpose and balance we need to get through each day.

At inDinero, we strive to provide balance and growth for not only our employees but also our clients, small to mid-sized businesses struggling to keep their doors open. And our efforts have not gone unnoticed. Today, company culture and compensation data platform Comparably announced it’s 2020 workplace awards and we’re thrilled to share that inDinero has been honored with the following recognitions:

A Letter from our CEO, Jessica Mah: Coronavirus Response

Posted by Jessica Mah to Inside inDinero, Business


Dear Valued Clients and Friends,

At inDinero, the health and well-being of our customers, employees, and communities is our top priority. I understand the concern and uncertainty you may be experiencing surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) and I wanted to reach out to share our response and commitment to the health and needs of our customers and employees as the situation evolves.

#GivingTuesday at inDinero -- 4 Inspiring Nonprofits Making An Impact

Posted by Celene Robert to Inside inDinero, Industry News

We survived the long Thanksgiving weekend (but barely). It’s time to put the unbutton-your-jeans level overeating of turkey and harrowing Black Friday shopping experiences behind us and look forward to the joyful holiday season. Celebrating the holidays comes in many shapes and forms and one of our favorites is #GivingTuesday.

Now in its seventh year, this global day of giving kicks off the charitable season by encouraging people to give to organizations, charities, and initiatives that are doing good. Raising an estimated $274 million in 2017, #GivingTuesday has grown into a motivational movement showcasing local and national nonprofits, charitable movements, and community events.

Looking for ways to participate this #GivingTuesday? Here are four of our clients’ and employees’ favorites to stir your charitable spirit:

How Acquiring tempCFO Helps inDinero Offer More Startup Expertise

Posted by Indinero to Inside inDinero, Mergers & Acquisitions

True or False?: Every business needs a Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Answer: True, every business needs CFO- or Controller-level insights but not necessarily full-time.

It’s clear why a later-stage operation would need a CFO—with growth comes complexity, but a brand new startup can also benefit greatly from some time with a CFO as they set up their business. Right off the bat, this can help them understand how their industry, business model, entity type, financing options, or team of founders might affect their finances at a long-term, holistic level. After that, they might not speak to a CFO for a few years or until a round of debt financing, for example.

With tempCFO joining the team, inDinero is making it possible for every business owner to work directly with a team of highly trained and experienced financial experts for less than what it might cost to hire a bookkeeper.

Getting to Know Elise Fajen of inDinero and Wind-Blox

Posted by Melissa Hollis to Inside inDinero

Elise Fajen is inDinero’s Sales Operation Manager, as well as the Co-Founder and Director of Human Resources at her family-owned sportswear company, Wind-Blox. When she’s not looking for new ways for inDinero’s marketing and sales teams to reach small business owners, she’s busy making our Portland office a wonderful and welcoming place to work:


Getting to Know inDinero: Lisa Bunday, CFO

Posted by Melissa Hollis to Inside inDinero

As you can imagine, being CFO of a fintech startup can be a stimulating—and sometimes boisterous—job. Especially when you compare it to the more traditional CFO role at a larger enterprise company. Which is why when it came time for inDinero to find a fearless financial leader, it wasn’t easy—until we found Lisa Bunday. After all, it’s not every day you meet someone with Lisa’s background in accounting and finance who still finds a way to reference Ross Gellar and Excel Spreadsheets in one breath. Our COO, Keddrick Stuart shares why he’s excited to have Lisa on the team:

Getting to Know inDinero: Mimi (Tax), Daniel (Acct.) & Sara (Service)

Posted by Melissa Hollis to Inside inDinero

Each organization that inDinero serves has three teams working for them: a tax team, an accounting team, and a service team. In our series, “Getting to know inDinero,” we share more about the people behind these three teams -- everything from what they do at inDinero to their favorite things about supporting small businesses.

Get Business Taxes Right the First Time & Tips for New Entrepreneurs

Posted by Steve Kornreich to Inside inDinero, Taxes, Accounting, Business, Startup Tips


A quick intro from the editor: Steve Kornreich heads inDinero’s NYC-based consulting team that serves entrepreneurs east of Chicago. He is the proud father of a soon-to-be 5-year-old cockapoo named Mickey.




I recently had the pleasure of joining founder and CEO of Justworks, Isaac Oates, and Founder and CEO of LawTrades, Raad Ahmed, on a panel sharing personal success stories and practical advice to entrepreneurs of all stripes. While I haven’t personally started a business, I do have the breadth of experience working with countless startups and watching them grow. I’ve worked for a big Wall Street firm and an early stage startup (we, unfortunately, did not make it), and led business development efforts for small and mid-sized financial institutions at Gartner before coming back to the startup ecosystem with inDinero.

Debunking The Myth of the Fearless Founder

Posted by Melissa Hollis to Inside inDinero

Some people start a business because they have an idea and others because they never imagined doing anything else. But every long-lasting business started because someone saw a problem go unresolved for too long and wanted to fix it.

The excitement of doing something new can be enticing and the sense of accomplishment very satisfying. But it’s undeniable that starting a company takes guts. So it makes sense that we many entrepreneurs touted publicly for being “fearless” and “unafraid”. In reality, a lack of fear is not what makes a good business leader. And by no means do you need to be fearless to be an entrepreneur.

Life as an Entrepreneur: Expectations vs. Reality

Posted by Melissa Hollis to Inside inDinero, Business Advice

We’ve all had a vision so clear and perfect we can almost feel the tug of the finish line ribbon, only to have our expectations fall into a million pieces for us to pick up. To Jessica Mah, that vision was to be an entrepreneur. Leading a company is something she always knew she would do. But that certainly didn’t end up the way she expected at 8, 11, 19, or 21 years old…