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What Does A CFO Know About People?

Posted by Celene Robert to Business Advice, Payroll, CFO Advisory

A CFO’s role has changed to include more responsibility over HR.

As finance has become crucial to your company’s strategic advantage in business, a CFO’s role and responsibilities have changed to include human resources.

Start Hiring Sooner—the IRS Will Pay You To Do It

Posted by Celene Robert to Taxes, Accounting, Business Advice, Payroll, Business, Startup Tips

Hiring? If you run a startup, you probably should be. Job growth is up, unemployment is down, and our country’s already competitive labor market is on track to tighten even further in the coming months.

Long story short: now is the time to focus on employee recruitment and retention. Fortunately— for once—you can count on the Internal Revenue Service for help. Numerous tax credits cover costs associated with hiring. In fact, the United States tax code is full of benefits and incentives aimed at helping emerging companies like yours create jobs. Check out a few ways the government will literally pay you to hire people:

What to do if You Commingle Personal and Business Funds

Posted by Maddy Yeazel to Taxes, Accounting, Payroll, Business

One of the most common problems we see from startup founders who are first moving away from DIY accounting is a wide range of “personal transactions” being made with the business accounts. This is known as “commingling your books” and is a huge no-no as well as one of the most common ways businesses find themselves on the barrel end of an IRS or state audit.

3 Factors to Tell the Difference Between Employees and Contractors

Posted by Jessica Mah to Business Advice, Payroll, Industry News

The NFL and NCAA have each run into issues when it comes to labor laws. Here's how you can avoid your own snafu.

May Day Special Edition: Payroll for Small Businesses

Posted by Jon Spangler to Payroll

Image of workers demonstrating for rights illustrates article on payroll and payroll taxes for small businesses.

Today is May 1st, which is International Worker's Day. It started as a movement for a shorter work day, along with higher wages and the right to organize. And it seems like a great opportunity to talk payroll!