Webinar: Tips & Advice for Businesses During COVID-19

With the CARES Act on everyone’s mind, indinero hosted a webinar 100% focused on loans, grants, and tax relief available from the CARES Act. Our panel of experts, including a CFO, SMB specialist from Huntington bank, and a senior tax director, broke down each element of the CARES Act loans and how your business can benefit from them.

In this webinar, we discussed the following topics:

  • Paychecks Protection Program loan overview, eligibility and application requirements
  • Economic Injury Disaster Loan and Grant overview, eligibility and application requirements
  • What to expect from the loan application process from a banker’s perspective
  • Families First Coronavirus Response Act
  • Other tax relief options

Check out the recorded webinar above and view the presentation slides here. And read through the answered questions from the Q&A here.

Head over to our Coronavirus Updates and Resources page for news and links to help guide your business during this crisis.

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