On-Demand Webinar: Using Financial Reports to Hack Business Growth

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We're always surprised by how many fearless entrepreneurs are intimidated by their accounting. Especially because we all know what little hiding from these reports does to make any scary financial issues go away.



Stop living in the dark: Join inDinero's finance consultant, Steven Perez and learn how to prepare and interpret your books for better insight and understanding of how money is coming in and going out of your business... so you can make more of it!



In this session, he goes over:

  • What different metrics tells outsiders about how your business prioritizes its spending
  • Which financial reports matter to each type of interested audience (investors vs. creditors and lenders vs. tax authorities)
  • Quick tips on interpreting your top 3 must have financial reports
  • How to harness past KPIs and allocate resources to the right strategies
  • And more on how to identify trends to stay ahead of your business activities for years to come

Without further ado, watch and enjoy:



KEY POINTS (Timestamps):

  • 00:00 — Intro
  • 01:08 — About Steven Perez, currency trader, fitness enthusiast, and finance consultant at inDinero
  • 01:56 — What you’re going to learn
  • 03:43 — The 2 things every company needs
  • 04:22 — Financial reports
  • 04:45 — Accounting must-haves for making managerial decisions
  • 05:44 — External parties who are interested in your financials
  • 07:00 — How creditors & lenders use your financials
  • 07:54 — Using your balance sheet to determine your current ratio
  • 09:33 — Determining quick ratio for companies with inventory
  • 10:19 — How tax authorities (like the IRS) use your financials
  • 10:40 — Using your Profit & Loss to determine your taxable income and estimated quarterly tax payments
  • 11:44 — About the Safe Harbor method
  • 12:50 — A peek at a P&L statement PDF from inDinero
  • 14:05 — How investors use your financials to assess risks
  • 14:35 — Using your P&L statement to determine your Net Margin
  • 16:00 — Determining your Return on Assets, and why that matters to investors
  • 17:27 — What do people use to generate financial reports?
  • 19:20 — Determining what option to use: DIY? On the cheap? Traditional accountant? Or Accounting Software + Back-Office Cloud Service?
  • 23:27 — How to tell which option is best for you based on goals, size, and compliance requirements
  • 25:45 — Tax filing must haves for any business.

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