indinero + WeWork Transform Business Operations for Portland

The first-time entrepreneurs I talk to are very smart and generally enthusiastic and upbeat. But one thing I’ve learned from them is that starting a business can be isolating: long hours, endless decisions surrounding business operations, the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Jessica Mah, our co-founder and CEO, has experienced these operational—and existential—challenges first hand. Helping small businesses succeed in spite of them is one of the key reasons that inspired her to create indinero.

Innovative Business Operations for Today’s Entrepreneurs

To me, it seems clear. Today’s entrepreneurs are looking for community, good advice, and business operations support.

Our newest partner, WeWork, understands that too. In just five years, it has become the best-known provider of shared workspaces and services for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small businesses, with more than 50 locations in cities all over the world. It’s not an understatement to say that WeWork makes it a million times easier for entrepreneurs to do what they love.

Because we’re both dedicated to nurturing small businesses by turning traditional business operations upside down, it made sense for us to combine forces.

Through our partnership, WeWork members have the opportunity to receive discounts and other perks on indinero’s accounting and tax filing services.

And as of yesterday, we are proud to welcome WeWork to Portland, indinero’s second home. Rose City entrepreneurs can now streamline their business operations at WeWork’s Custom House and tap into their community and networking opportunities, as well as discounts on indinero’s accounting and tax filing for small businesses.

If you’re already a WeWork member, you can find more about special offers through indinero here. If you want to check out WeWork’s Portland location, you can sign up here