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Accounting Services

Your inDinero team pairs with our accounting software to deliver insights and visibility into your finances.

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Proactive Accounting for Crucial Decision-Making

A company’s accounting needs change over time, but not every accounting solution can grow with you. At inDinero, you get a dedicated accounting team that’s built to meet your business’s needs now and as you grow.
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Dedicated Team of Experts

Your professional accounting team, led by a Controller, acts as an extension of your company, well versed in the nuances of your business.
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Essential Financial Statements

Using financial reports created in the inDinero app, your team delivers insights into the health of your finances to help you make smart, timely decisions.
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Partner in Planning

Your team knows your business inside and out and can work with you to review your budget and plan, so you know where you’re going and what you need to prepare for.
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Easy Access to Your Team

Call, email, or chat in on our mobile app with your finance team for advice and questions—we’re on-hand to provide the guidance you need to make crucial business decisions.
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Constant Coverage

Unlike a local CPA, you have a multi-person team so someone working on your books can always answer questions. Work doesn't stop for a vacation!
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Project Management

Your inDinero point person organizes and coordinates projects and day-to-day tasks, keeping the ball rolling so you can focus on growing your business.

Accounting Strategies That Match Your Startup’s Needs

When you’re first starting out, your business’s needs are more modest. Operations are small and revenue may still be a ways off. A look-back accounting approach—aka the cash method—is ideal for simple business needs.

But when revenue starts rolling in or you’re knocking on investors’ doors, it’s time to upgrade to a look-forward accounting system—aka the accrual method. This dives deeper into your increasingly complicated business (and meets series fundraising standards).

inDinero understands how your accounting needs to work and scale with your business needs.

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“inDinero really helps us leverage our time effectively and outsource the things that are not what we’re best at and not what we want to be spending our time on. And they do it in a transparent and predictable way.”


Co-Founder and CEO of CommonCoach
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“The software and services are complete, the staff is fast and always helpful. inDinero gives me and my finance team the peace of mind we need to focus on growth.”


CEO of Contentools.com

Our financial experts are here to help you figure out how to build the best accounting team for your business.

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