Getting to Know indinero: Mimi (Tax), Daniel (Acct.) & Sara (Service)


Each organization that indinero serves has three teams working for them: a tax team, an accounting team, and a service team. In our series, “Getting to know indinero,” we share more about the people behind these three teams — everything from what they do at indinero to their favorite things about supporting small businesses.

This month we’re featuring:

  • Mimi Tumamak from the tax team in Manila, Philippines
  • Daniel Villablanca from the accounting team in Manila, Philippines
  • Sara Bryant from the service team in Portland, Oregon

Without further ado, get to know Mimi, Daniel, and Sara:


Mimi Tumamak, Tax Manager


What do you like best about your role at indinero?

Everyone, including my team, is open to feedback and looks for opportunities to do our jobs better. I love being able to learn and share tax knowledge, suggest and implement ways to streamline the tax process, and see the results based on my input.



What do you like to do for fun?

When it’s not tax season, I travel a lot around the Philippines and the rest of Southeast Asia. My friends and I plan these trips up to a year in advance.


I play a variety of computer games — my favorites are Civilization and Portal. I also watch lots of League of Legends and follow the esports scene, even though I rarely play the game.

What would others be surprised to know about you?

I love cats! Pusheen is my favorite fictional cat and I’d buy almost anything, within reason, with Pusheen printed on it.



Daniel Villablanca, Lead Accountant


What do you like best about your role at indinero?

I am proud to have witnessed indinero’s growth from a small group of accountants to the diversified group it is today. What I love most about my role here is the bond I have established with everyone I have worked with each day.


At indinero, we don’t just create groups of accountants but cultivate a team of learners, who are always willing to impart knowledge. I don’t see myself as just an accountant, but also someone who has the responsibility to train and motivate an accounting team.


There are challenges and difficulties that go along with my role, but I have always been inspired by my fellow inDinerians to give my best to help every member develop their full potential as accountants and to deliver the finest accounting services to our clients.


What do you like to do for fun?

I love playing basketball. I usually join a league at the college where I teach part-time. We also play on Wednesdays here at indinero, with the players from all our different teams.


I also love to play computer games, especially Defense of the Ancients 2.


What would others be surprised to know about you?

I don’t look like one, but I’m a good cook! My speciality is seafood.



Sara Bryant, Relationship Manager


What do you like best about your role at indinero?

I love getting to work closely with all the innovative startups leading their field. I get to build relationships with CEOs that are constantly changing the field they work in.

What do you like to do for fun?

  • Taking my corgi, Harvey, to the Oregon Coast
  • Going to Mt. Hood to play in the snow
  • Getting brunch at new local spots in Portland with my friends. My favorite spot—as of last weekend—is Besaw’s.

Meet Harvey:


What would others be surprised to know about you?

I have my commercial drivers license. I used to work at a Women and Children’s homeless shelter, and got the commercial drivers license so I could drive their bus.